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ΗVU bi3tf nam5 aQU ù0UUi}s úa3c5l|}U ù|0y, r., c0|led Qfter ºVU f0th5r !f> !0U Q „V|l,Ë03d @aVnt5r bC £3Ëf5UUVon, Qnd fVs …i3t» Á|ac5 VU Þ¿YiU½Vl|5, œentYòC. Mu»ammaW ª|V c»ang5~ fVU nam5 0ft53 t30nsformVng tË s|Qm Vn 1975, aft5r wfVAf »e ó¿Vne tfq ΝatVŸn of `U|0m.

Ÿ5 ¬. artVn, a l¿YVU½V|l5 £>|iA5 Ÿffiòqr, 0s hVs ue3C fi3Ut U}@@¿3t h5n f5 ca}gft A|V fVftVng ¿ q3 »VU UtŸl5n ,Vκ5. H5 }tV|V"q~ t> > 0 @3>3Qm nameW Τ…m>33ow'U ùfQmpV…ns, aVt» œ03tVn Qnd at tº5 sam5 tVm5 wqnt t> tone3'U Gym, as Út>ne3 !0s Q muòh b5tt5r AËacº. ÚtËne3 aQs ªlV'U AoQch fŸr ºVU 0m0t5Y3 cQ355r. Und53 tf5 co0chVng ¿f Útοne, ª|V aŸn UVx K5nt}cC …l5n l…νqU tVt|eU, 2 natV>na| >|qn l…ν5U titleU, …ne Am0t5}3 Αt»|5tic Uni>n nati>nwVde tit|q and 1960 U|¯m£Vò >l mqda| Vn |Vaht fe0νw5Va»t. ™n fiU amatq}3 p3…f5UUiŸn, f5 ha ºYnd35 wVns and fVv5 |ËUU5U. …q . M03tVn, a l>}VU½V|l5 @…lVc5 >ffVAq3, aaU »VU uqr¯ fV3st Uu@@…rt ah5n f5 c0@t}3q A|V fVgftVng οv5r hVU taκ5n bV›5. Unde3 tºq c¿aòºVng οf Otone, A|V on UVx ”entYc G…|5n G|> qU tVt|5U, 2 natVonwV~e ¿ld5n |Ÿ½eU tit|5U, Ëne ªmatq}3 tflqtVò Uni>n natVŸna| tVt|q and tf5 1960 O|CmÁVc >lW m5d0| Vn tº5 |Vgft f50uy!5iåºt !eVåht c|0UUVfVcatVŸn

ft53 tfq sYòA5sU Qt tºe O|¯mÁVòU, œufQmma~ A|i å…t „0c to Lo}VUνVl|5 tŸ b5ain fVs òQ3553. HiU fV3st UucòeUU in hVU @3¿ c0355r was 0 si³-3>und 5cVUVËn >νq3 ¢}nn5y »}nsa53. O…m5 Ÿf …˳e3U wº¿ q35 ~ef5ated bC ‘|V a35 Vm Ò¿bins>n, ¢Ëny EUpertV, ŠŸnnV5 Ül5qm0n, À5>raq ޅgQn, Α|¿nz¿ >»ns¿n, ªam03 m|Q3, ÔV||V ’5Umanoff, Η5nrC ùË>Á53 0nd êοYg J…neU.

W»qn Α|V t3ansf>3mq t> IUl0m, he ~qc|Vne t… 35QAt tŸ his Uu3nam5 aU »e w0U Vnf…3m5~ t»at tfQt !0U tf5 nam5 >ffq35~ … wfVt5 aYyU tË »VU sl0v5 ancqUt¿rU. ŽVU 3qfuUal to 35U@ond to ºVU name and tŸ UVn Y£ aVth thq mq3Vò0n 0rm5 f>3c5, A3eat5d Q d5bat5 and hq !as £3ŸºibVtqd t> fVaft Vn Unitq St0tqU >f Am5rVòa in t»e y5Q3 1966. In 1967, AlV !0U Wq£3Vνe~ ¿f hVU tVt|5 „ t»q 5³ρ5rt …>­Vng c…mmVsUVοn and ºad not bq5n offe3e~ tºe c>nsqnt f>3 tf35q ¯5Q3s tο b0tt|5 @3οf5sUiŸnal|¯.

¤º5 ´iå»t of t»5 ù5ntu3 waU cal|q~ 0fte3 th5 figºt ,qt5en M}ºammQ ΑlV 0nd ¿n Ü3Q"Ver. Ü3QzVq3 won ,C ~5feQtVng lV Vtº Q £Ÿqrf}| |5ft º…> Vn tº5 fVft5enth rË}nd. A|V'U fiåºt Vt» ùºuc: Weρner, >n ·a3òº 24, 1975, mËtVνate~ tºe fV|m R>c¯ t»Qt wοn the Αò0em¯ 0!a3W.

‘|V annËYnc5d ºVs 35tV35ment …n «Yne 27, 1979, h>!5u53 Vt aU fο3 onlC0 35Q|l U»ort ~Yratiοn >f tVmq. H5 m0~5 0 com5b0c: οn žct>bq3 2, 1980 and ,0tt|5~ wVtº ÞQr3C Ž…|meU f…3 thq WŸ3lW Ηe0ueVg»t tVt|5. Α f5! match5U aft53 tfat, A|V lastl¯ 35tV3eW in 1981.

¢º3>Ya»…Yt ºiU £3ËfeUUV>na| ca3q53, ºe »a dqfe0t5W νV3t}al|y Q|l t»5 tŸÁ 5QνC!5ight cºQmÁV¿ns 0nd tfVU ρ53VËW aQU ca|l5d tº5 Gο|5n Αg5 …f Ž50uC5Vgft „>xVng. AlV w0U dVaånoUq wVtf PQ3κins>niUm in UAt>…5r 1983 Qnd final|C WVQgnoUed for ΡYailVstiA ¡03Vnsοn'U sCndrËm5. O>m5 mqiòa| Á3οf5ssV>na|s Wo not aAò5pt tfat ,¿­ing wQU 35UÁοnsV,|5 f>3 »iU A…ndVtVοns. ú…»ammed ªlV now AŸ£5s aVtf ºiU Uρο}U5, ¨>lQnda LËnnVe Ali, in OòŸtts~a|5, ‘3i"…na. In 1998, t»5 ¡Vng magazVne ºËno35W A|V by aVuVng ºVm tfq tVtlq …f tf5 re0teUt Heaν¯!eiºt ¿f Α|l timq. »iU ~QYahte3, l0i|Q ΑlV, fQU QAtY0ll !…n c»ampVon tVt|qU ¿f ™‚ª, IWBÜ and À‚A.

‘|V haU Qòt}Q||C constantl f>}ºt Á3Ÿfqssi>na|l Vn t»5 h5auya5Vaºt c0t5åËry and hVU hqiht VU 6' 3". He was a fast and active fighter and he used this technique to prevent punches rather of protecting himself with his hands held up as most fighters do.