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What do you think about men wearing pink? Just like any other hues in the color wheel, pink screams with elegance, charm and sophistication. It is a shade that is most preferred by women. However, it can also be something men can try. Besides, colors do not have genders on them.

pink floyd shirts for womenIf you think that pink is a feminine color, think again because men can also look great in them just as much as women do. One of these that they can actually wear is a pink necktie. If paired with the right shirt or jacket, you will absolutely look hot in your ensemble.

A pink neck tie is best worn with a white dress shirt. Don't you think it will even make you look a lot younger because of its light hue that exudes simplicity and youthfulness? Nonetheless, a pink tie with a plain white background will look great if paired with a gray suit and black shoes.
Neckties come in many designs and colors but pink is the least seen and most difficult to find. Because it is different from the rest and only a few are seen wearing them you will definitely make heads turn.

Another color that is perfect with pink is silver. Very classic and sophisticated, the color combination will result to a chic get up. However, for a much better result, matching a medium pink tie with a pair of gray suit is undoubtedly cool and beautiful. It can also be paired with a shade of blue.
Basically, pink can go well with all the basic colors even in a pair of suit that is colored brown. A beige shirt for a background and a salmon pink tie will make an excellent pair. Combining brown and pink will create a contrast that is very elegant and beautiful. Even the palest of green will look refreshing and appropriate if matched with a pink necktie.

Rose or fuschia pink ties are also excellent choices if you have darker shirts with you. In fact, some men who have a penchant for being the center of attraction usually combine this necktie color with a pale pink shirt. Boy, how they definitely stand out in the middle of a crowd!

Unknown to many, pink neckties, when worn can draw more attention to one's face and complexion. It makes your cheeks glow and it has its own way of flattering your skin. However, cooler shades of pink are not advised for men with sallow complexion. Instead, they can opt for a warm pink hue with a hint of orange.
Let's face it, pink is indeed a color that is associated with girls.

However, times have changed and fashion has also evolved. What was once a girl's color has now gone on to become a close favorite of men who defy the conventional and the traditional. Wearing pink does not mean one is a gay, effeminate or ladylike. Even for somebody who is as macho, wearing a tie with shades pink will really make a lot of difference.

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