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Discussion on the types and the forms of tourism

Travelling and exploring places bring people rejuvenation especially for those who stressed out in corporate and other sectors. Basically tourism is of two types, Domestic tourism and International tourism. Many tourists travel to places on some purposes not simply for enjoying. Based on the purpose of visit, tourism can be broadly classified into following forms.

Domestic and International/world tourism

Tourism can be classified based on the budget, distance and the duration of trip and the most importantly based on ones’ health condition. Domestic tourism involves visiting places and learning cultures in ones’ own country. On the other hand, international tour involves exploring places across the globe. In this type, the tourists undertake a completely different experience in terms of currencies, people, language, food habits, climate and few others. This type is further classified as inbound tourism and outbound tourism.

Forms of tourisms across the world

Travelling across the countries takes many forms based on the individuals’ motive. It can be classified as adventure tourism, religious/Spiritual tourism, Pleasure tourism, recreation tourism, Medical tourism, Nature tourism, business tourism and so many others. Adventure tourism involves taking risks provided they are trained and skilled. Any kind of tour can become very easy one with the help of particular This includes mountaineering, paragliding, and scuba diving and so on where the travellers can easily track their locations. Religious tourism focuses on holy sites and involves pilgrimage around the world. The most popular one being the annual hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, also other holy temples, churches and so on. Pleasure tourism involves family trip or couples/honeymoon trip where the people take a short or long break from their daily routine and travel to places to seek happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment. This type of tourism has been the major motive for most of the people. Medical tourism involves finding the best specialist/hospitals across the world and getting the treatment done. Having a thorough knowledge of insurance policies is a must in this type of tourism. In nature tourism also called eco-tourism, tourists focus on the wildlife, sceneries and help to enhance the well-being of local people. Here the tourists find a great relaxation by getting connected with the nature. Business tourism Involves travelling to different countries on the motto of promoting business, take part in the conferences and so on.